Networking made easy and seamless

With our choices of pricing plans that are aimed at your convenience, we offer a range of conference services at your disposal.

Host your next event with ease, with Evntc

We are your one choice for making the best of events happen. You have full control over your events. You can host, organize and hold all your events with ease.

  • Organize events

  • Engage your attendees

  • Have amazing virtual experiences

Exchange business cards with attendees

Reach out to attendees in call and exchange business cards with them so you can keep in touch late . Increase your connection with Evntc

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Have private networking sessions on Evntc

Connect with people in our Networking Sessions and enjoy excellent conversations with attendees

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Create teams with people from your events

On Evntc, you can create teams with up to 6 people and connect with like minds from all over the world. Creating events is a whole lot easier with Evntc